Monday, June 21, 2010

A neglected treatise on 18th-c. dyeing in India, pt. 2

Earlier, I published a text on a supposed 'neglected' text by Buchoz. It turns out that he probably copied (at least partly, and, again, true to his reputation) the Journal oeconomique of 1756. The anonymous author in the June-September issues mentions at least the same M. Guillard as informant. Schwartz (1966) has some more information on Guillard. To quote him: 'Guillard, already in Yanaon in 1727, went to Masulipatam comptoir in 1738, and was in Pondicherry by 1742. He fought with Paradis at the siege of Pondicherry in 1748, and rose to be general treasurer of the company between 1754 and 1758.'
This makes the information by Guillard in his Yanaon function only possible before 1742. The Beaulieu report, made prior to 1735, could well be based on the same informant, or maybe Beaulieu was simply also the anonymous author of the Journal oeconomique.

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